The estuaries of the Sherbro and Kittam rivers are well known breeding grounds for tarpon.

The International Game Fishing Association’s book of world record game fishes for 2006 lists twelve world records for various line classes caught in the area, fish weighing from 166 to 283 pounds.

Possibilities exist too for fly fishing for tarpon in the breeding grounds. The high season for tarpon begins in January and runs through to the end of May.

Other fish that can be caught in the estuary throughout the year include barracuda, grouper, giant mackerel and jack. They are plentiful and large. The possibility of fishing for marlin on the nearby continental shelf  and bonefish on the other side of the island are also being explored.

The complex has a 27ft and a 21ft Seapro, 2 Boston Whalers, three Carolina skiffs, three other skiffs and a 25ft seagoing boat.

Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley.


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