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Bonthe back in the news
The camp had a very quiet season with few foreign visitors, however all was redeemed at the last moment with the arrival of John Jackson III and his wife.

Both very experienced fishers Chrissie caught a record (on 80lb line) 110 kilogram tarpon.

Read all about it in the report - Download PDF file


New 27ft Sea Pro boat
We have purchased a new 27ft Sea Pro boat, which will reduce the joutney time and increase the comfort of the transfer from Freetown to Bonthe. It will also enable us to open up the blue water fishing on the shelf 12 miles out.


The swimming pool is now in place


The tarpon are there
On 28th March Hirosi Machuda, a member of a party of 6 visiting us from Japan caught a 163lb tarpon (see photo). His party had previously caught another big one, but inadvertently released it at the side of the boat.

Previously another visitor, William Furnish, had had a big tarpon on his line and lost it. He also lost a sailfish in the blue water outside the estuary and had to be content with a 47lb jack (see photo). Previously two novices, Max Bailor & Johan Slabbert, caught a 60lb grouper: it took two of them to land it (see photo).

Fishing is a... discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish.

Herbert Hoover

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