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Things to do at Bonthe |Holiday Village.

BHV is primarily a fishing camp, but there are plenty of other things to do.

Novice or learner fishers are welcome – equipment and boats are available for hire and our staff will show you how it’s done. Trolling is easy, casting more difficult – remain calm, if you get a bite.

A stay at the camp provides a great opportunity to really see how the people live locally, to understand the plight of Bonthe town and the realities of living at subsistence levels in the villages around the estuary. Borrow one of our bikes or walk around the town and see the old warehouses, churches and accommodation. Visit the market. Or hire a skiff and tour the estuary, visiting the outlying villages. The market at Bassy on a Saturday is interesting and every day at Mania or Bohol you can see a fishing village at work.

The old settlement at York Island across the estuary is worth a visit too.

The local flora and fauna is fascinating. Study the mangrove swamps and look for the crocodiles, monkeys and manatees there. You can do this easily from a skiff or the fit and adventurous can explore by walking or “yomping” into the interior of the island .

Hire a bigger boat and go out into the ocean to find the dolphin – from October to December you may get lucky and see some whales too.

There is excellent bird watching. Start by borrowing our binoculars and a bird book and take a walk along the front of the camp to see how many birds you can identify (kingfishers, herons, darters, etc). Take a skiff out into the estuary to find more sea birds including fish eagles and pelicans, or go up river to check out the tropical birds there. Given notice we can arrange trips with a professional bird watching guide.

Or you can just choose to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the island relaxing with a book or your i-pod in your chalet or in the garden or by our fine new swimming pool.

Have a game of boule in the garden or borrow our jigsaws, board games or cards - how about a bridge four or a game of scrabble?

Satellite TV and e-mail are available.

Of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy.

William Sherwood Fox

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